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Our Story

During the darkest days of the global financial crisis (GFC) one thought kept going through my mind. What if the only way to beat the market was to “Forget the Market?”. Honestly, just then all I wanted to do was forget the market. So, I lay awake at night in a cold sweat, wondering what I could have done differently, with that same thought churning over and over in my ...

About FTM

FTM was originally created in the wake of the global financial crisis so that my family, friends, clients and I would never need to see half the value of our investments wiped out again. At FTM we put the safety and security of your investment above all else. It’s not about raising money and diluting the returns for existing shareholders and that’s why we close the fund to investors from ...

Why FTM?

FTM was created as a way to put your investment goals on auto pilot as a true buy and hold stress free investment strategy.  Instead of worrying about what the latest news, central bank policy or political mishap means to your bottom line.  FTM was created to be outside of their realm of influence and continue to grow your investment value no matter what ...

Benefits of our Strategies

  • 90% - 95% of the portfolio is capital secured
  • Unaffected by falls in the market
  • Non-correlated to equities
  • Recession Proof
  • Investment strategy dating back to 1997

Our Track Record

FTM A Class

  • 95 Positive Months
  • $5,000 minimum investment
  • 8.86% Annual Return
  • Total Return 96.04%

Recent Awards

  • 2016 Offshore Fixed Income Fund of the Year – ACQ5
  • 2016 Most Consistent Offshore Fixed Income Fund AI Hedge Fund Awards
  • 2nd Place for Most consistent credit strategies fund June-2010 - June 2015 Preqin

FTM Investment Strategies

The Solution For Any Market
A Class Investment

A Class


Launched March 2010
96.04% since inception
$5,000 minimum investment
Weekly Updates

Class B Investment

B Class


Launched October 2012
58.06% since inception
$10,000 minimum investment
Monthly Factsheets

FTM Investment Class C

C Class


Launched October 2014
39.90% since inception
$250,000 minimum investment
Monthly Factsheets

D+ Class Investment

D+ Class


Launched April 2017
$50,000 minimum investment
10%  simple interest annually
2.5% quarterly payment

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Investment Strategies
A Class Investment Fund

A Class

Fact Sheet

B Class Investment Fund

B Class

Fact Sheet

C Class Investment Fund

C Class

Fact Sheet

D+ Class Investment Fund

D+ Class

Fact Sheet

Our Team, In the Press

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Wealth Finance May 2016

Up until the GFC I thought investing was relatively easy: simply pick the next up and coming emerging market fund from Russia, China or India, throw in some main stream market equities, some bonds, some futures ...

World Finance Magazine Article 2012

In an investing world gone mad, it seems the series of crises that have hit the global financial system are escalating to the point where ...

World Finance Magazine Article 2011

Most major market indices have, at best, gone sideways for the past decade. In fact since 1998 investors really haven’t stood a chance. ...


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Meet Our Team

Experienced, Dedicated & Successful
  • Profile Endre Dobozy
    Endre Dobozy
    Fund Manager
    Founder of AIS, a company dedicated to sourcing and cultivating the best alternative investments ...
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  • Profile William Dalzell
    William (Bill) Dalzell
    Forex Trading
    Received his tertiary education at the University of British Columbia (Canada) where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science ...
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What our clients think of us

Being a single mum I work hard for my money and I watch every penny. So, when I saved up enough to invest for our future I wanted to be sure it would be safe and I wouldn’t lose it.  I was so scared that if I invested in the stock market I might lose some of it or all of it and I just couldn’t deal with that kind of stress. To me peace is much more important. Since investing have made 45.11% in my A Class shares and 46.13% on my B shares.

Thank you so much FTM

Eva S Europe

I'm more than happy to share with folk that are looking for consistent steady returns on their hard earned money. To invest with FTM. The great thing I have come to realise that my investment money with FTM has never been governed or felt the gravity of our GLOBAL economy in any way, it's not that type of investment. I have received over these past 4 years a weekly report via my email showing the increase of my investment and to date never a losing month has occurred.

I recommend if you like to sleep at night and not be worried or get stressed about the direction of your money invested, which is a place I have been in for a few years and it's not nice, however I got a phone call advising me to come on board some 4 years ago and have reinvested on my original investment and am looking to do that one more time on the sale of a house.

Hope this helps you to make a very important decision in your future life style.

Chris T Australia

"I had forgotten about my b class shares and what a great surprise it was to see they had gone up by $5000", which equates to about 30% increase.

Michael M Australia
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