I can’t believe it. Another month has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. How can it be mid-September when New Year’s Eve seems like only yesterday?

Personally, I have been thinking a lot about retirement lately…..not mine as I love what I do, and its fun.

At FTM we get to help our shareholders create consistent returns irrespective of market condition or direction. And by funding the surgeries we help people become pain free and get back on their feet sooner. Honestly what’s not to love😊

But I have been wondering about what happens when you stop working. When there is no longer money coming in every week or month from active employment.
What do you do then?

Will you be able to rely on your savings and interest earned to support and sustain you?

A week ago I read one of the most terrifying articles I have ever read in my life and, it wasn’t even meant to be scary!

Harvard Professor David Sinclair and researchers from the University of New South Wales developed a new process, which involves reprogramming cells. His claim is that they had created a pill an anti-ageing breakthrough that could see humans live to 150 and regenerate organs by 2020 ‘for the price of a coffee a day.

On the surface this seems like incredible news…………..except when you stop and think about what this increased lifespan would really mean? If you retired at 70 then you faced 80 years in retirement!

If you worked to 120 and only had 30 years in retirement, then what would that mean to the job market?  If people are working longer then those jobs are not available for younger people entering the workforce which then, by necessity delays the formation of families.

Imagine having the kids live at home till they were 50 as they could not get that high paying job and afford to leave home.

This stuff is terrifying and maybe I am taking this all too far.

But the question still remains.

When you stop working will you have enough money to live from your savings?
What rate of interest do you need to survive?
How much money do you need?

And even if you are not going to live to 150 can you afford to live without working once you do retire?

What will that retirement look like? Will you be eating cat food or caviar?

Honestly, I don’t have the answer to this but if you don’t have enough saved or your retirement savings goals are not on track then maybe you need to look at changing how much you actually save. And of course making those savings work as hard as possible for you!

Anyway, enough of this depressing theme let’s take a look at the FTM month end numbers.

FTM class A ended the month with a return of 0.67% which has been our worst month this year. Its due to the fact that we held more cash than usual from expiring promissory notes.

That said Class A is still up 5.94% for the year and 106.12% since inception.

FTM Class B ended the month with a return of 0.59% but with the receivables company putting on a full times collection agent I expect to see the returns improve dramatically over the coming months.

Class B is up 4.07% for the year and 64% since inception.

FTM Class C which has the same investment strategy as FTM Class A but holds no cash for redemptions ended the month up 0.84%.

FTM Class C is up 6.96% for the year and 48.32% since inception.

Class D which is a 10% a year simple interest return paid in quarterly installments of 2.5%  and has paid back 6.67% in interest so far this year with the next quarterly installment due in October.

Our peers on the other hand continue to struggle in this challenging investment environment and it’s not entirely their fault.  After all you have a host of issues to contend with……like the US markets at all-time highs, the threat of trade wars, emerging markets in the danger zone and crypto currencies in virtual free fall.

According to the Eurekahedge flash update dated September 11.

Hedge funds were flat-to-marginally positive in August, up 0.05%, bringing their year-to-date returns at 0.40%. North American fund managers topped the table among geographic mandates, gaining 0.84% in August and 3.16% as of 2018 year-to-date

To access the month the end factsheets for the open share classes of FTM go to:

If you are sick of gambling or playing the market guessing game, perhaps it’s time you took a closer look at FTM and what it has to offer.

Article by Endre Dobozy


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