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  • 90% - 95 of the portfolio is Capital Secured.
  • 5% (maximum) is exposed to FX with a total portfolio risk of 1.75%.
  • Targeting returns commensurate with the long term market averages irrespective of market conditions or direction.

FTM works by splitting the portfolio between different investments. Firstly, it has anywhere from 85% - 90% of the portfolio in discounted medical accounts receivables, which are secured by an average of $3 worth of receivables against every $1 invested. To reduce the risk even further the receivables are held by a range of insurance companies generally limiting maximum exposure to any one company to 10%, thereby lessening the risk of default or adverse effects on the portfolio.

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Then there is a cash component which can fluctuate between 5 and 10% of the portfolio. Together this makes up around 90% - 95% of the portfolio and has absolutely no exposure to market forces. The remainder of the portfolio is invested in a propriety algorithmic currency trading system.

To understand the receivables consider the following example. There is a car accident, and as a result one of the drivers will require back surgery. The receivables company will fund the operation now and collect from the insurance company at a specified time later. The receivables company holds a lien on the insurance proceeds in the interim.
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This is similar, in principle, to accounts receivables factoring, but with a critical difference. In traditional factoring a company buys a large pool of debt and simply hopes that enough will be paid to ensure a profit. In our case, the Medical Accounts Receivables Company pick and choose the cases they wish to fund and, on average, 4 out of every 5 cases reviewed are rejected, as investor safety is paramount. It should also be remembered that the payer is an insurance company, not a patient or hospital.

The major difference between FTM and traditional investments is the use of Medical Accounts Receivables which make up 85% - 90% of the portfolio. These are secured at a rate of $3 for every $1 invested. The remainder of the portfolio can vary from 5% to 10% in cash and have up to 5% of the overall portfolio in FX trading. The trades are set with a maximum stop loss of 35 percent which limits the overall portfolios exposure to 1.75% .

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