C Class



  • 100% Capital Secured against Medical Accounts Receivables.
  • No cash component every cent invested.
  • Targeting 11% annualized return.

The emphasis of the Class C Shares is on risk aversion. 100% of the portfolio held in investments where the capital is secured against medical accounts receivables. The Class C Shares are based on the same investment strategy as Class A, which has achieved an annualized return of 9% and 58 consecutive positive months. Class C Shares receive a fixed interest return and do not share further in the risk and reward generated by the receivables companies.

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The Class C Shares only accept the safest of receivables where the capital is secure. As a result only 1 out of every 5 cases reviewed meets the strict criteria for investment by that class. In addition, capital is secured at a ratio of 3:1 by way of medical accounts receivable. For every $50 invested, the Company holds  $150 of medical accounts receivable thereby minimizing the risk to capital. To reduce the risk even further the receivables are spread across a range of insurance companies thereby lessening the risk of default or adverse effects on the portfolio.

The only difference between Class A and Class C Shares is that, in Class C, 100% of funds received are used to purchase medical accounts receivables. As such there is no cash component drag and the entire amount invested generates a return. In this manner it is expected that FTM Class C will generate annualized returns in excess of 11% while maintaining the same degree of capital security. However, to achieve this additional level of safety, and an annualized return that is up to 30% better than that of the annualized return of Class A Shares, it is necessary to commit to a Holding Period of a minimum of two (2) years.
Returns of the C Class Investment