D+ Class



  • 100% of the portfolio is capital secured against discounted medical accounts receivables.
  • FTM Class D+ Shares remain at $100 per share.
  • Generating a return of 10% annually.
  • 2.5% paid quarterly while leaving the value the of the initial principle intact.
  • Created to generate cashflow.

FTM Class D+ is perfect for investors wanting to generate cashflow on a quarterly basis to supplement their income needs as it targets 10% per annum with simple interest of 2.5% being paid out quarterly.  The way it works is that shares are purchased at $100 and always remain at $100 but pay out $2.50 per share every quarter which totals $10 per year.

D+ Class Investment Meeting
D+ Class Reports

The investment strategy and philosophy is similar to the investment strategy of FTM Class A which has won 8 awards in 7 years. FTM Class A has achieved an annualized compound return of 8.82% which would equate to 11.53% (80.73% / 7 = 11.53%) simple interest annualized over the 7 years.

However, in the case of D+ there is no cash component except for the quarterly payments. These are paid out instead of rolled and reinvested and as such the investment requires a 2-year lock in.

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FTM has entered into an agreement with Vantu Bank Ltd, a Vanuatu international bank under which Vantu bank will open an account in the name of each investor in D+ Class shares to which the interest payments will be credited.  This arrangement will allow the Company to make a single interest payment each month, significantly reducing the cost of managing this Class of the Fund.

However, an investor still retains the ability to use their own existing bank account but the cost of the quarterly telegraphic transfer will be deducted from the amount remitted each quarter.

D+ Class Investment Fund
D+ Class Investment

To stay up to date with FTM D+ Class weekly and monthly  performance please send a blank email to d-class@ftm-investments.com

How to participate?

To access the prospectus, application forms and shareholders area you need to complete a short online registration form that can be found at Alternative Investment Specialists.

Once your registration has been accepted you will be issued a username and password and from there you are able to access the shareholders area.

If you have any questions you can reach us via the contact form, by phone or via direct email info@ftm-investments.com