After the 2008 global financial crisis our plan was simply to create an investment strategy that could match the long-term market averages but without ever being at the mercy of the markets. We achieved this as can be evidenced by our track record of our existing share classes ranging from 8.87% to 10.58% annualized returns net of fees and an 8+year real life, audited track record.

As FTM evolved, so did our mission which morphed into the desire to create the world’s best alternative investment strategy and product. One in which no client ever lost money.

We continually asked ourselves, how can we make FTM better, more efficient and increase the returns for our clients without compromising on safety. The answers to these questions led to the creation of what we believe to be a superior investment product.

Think of it like the evolution from dial up internet to broadband. Both essentially are still the same product and do the same thing but one is better than the other.

After almost 10 years in the alternative investment space and drawing on our considerable resources and affiliations we came to realize that the

profit should always be made at the time of purchase of the receivables in that the better the purchase price the more cushion was built in.

Famed property investor Dolf De Roos, once said you should always buy from those that don’t want what they are selling. To use the analogy from a property investment standpoint it is far easier to buy a house at a discount from a couple getting divorced, or from someone in financial difficulty or who simply no longer wants the house. I can personally attest to this as there was a time that I would have happily sold my $2,000,000 home for $600,000 or any serious offer as I had simply had enough!

Contrast this to a seller who still loves their home, has an emotional attachment and has no need for the money…….Which one do you think is more motivated and likely to negotiate on price?

FTM-CFM takes this same approach for the purchase of discounted medical accounts receivables. In that we purchase MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), pain management or medical records from firms that are either in financial difficulty, are in the process of the dissolution of a partnership, can no longer afford to carry the cost of the receivables on their own or simply need additional funds to increase growth.

The FTM-CFM Difference

FTM Limited began trading on the 1st of March 2010 and has an 8+ year track record with its existing investment strategy.

However FTM limited Class FTM-CFM aims to take the investment strategy to another level by:
1) Creating a closed ended share class which runs for a maximum of 30 month so that there is no additional capital to dilute your returns.

Monthly projected returns net of fees based on historical data.

2)Investing solely in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and pain management receivables, historically these types of receivables tend to settle faster than surgeries (which we traditionally funded). The latter could take 2 years or more to settle and, in many instances, settlement was tied to negotiation of a reduction in the collectable amount.

MRI, pain management and medical records tend to be for much smaller amounts and, historically, tend to settle faster and without excessive requests for reductions.

Furthermore, by funding these types of receivables, a higher degree of diversification is also achieved.

Based on our previous experience, 50%+ of these types of receivables funded are collected within the first 12 months with total collection within 30 months.

By including funding of medical records with up to 30% of the funds collected from the settlement of receivables, the overall return of the portfolio can be further enhanced.

To stay up to date with FTM-CFM series offerings and performance send a blank email to cfm@ftm-investments.com.


  • Closed End Share Class - No dissolution of profits from addition of capital
  • Fixed end date – Distribution of all proceed no later than month 30.
  • Redemption possible at 12 and 24 months
  • Targeting 30% return over 30 months

How to participate?

To access the prospectus, application forms and shareholders area you need to complete a short online registration form that can be found at Alternative Investment Specialists.

Once your registration has been accepted you will be issued a username and password and from there you are able to access the shareholders area.

If you have any questions you can reach us via the contact form, by phone or via direct email info@ftm-investments.com